In ancient times, when the Greeks and Romans ruled, ‘ball games’ were the culture of sport. It is presumed that this is where the rise of football began. However, the indication is that it may have begun before their time.

Today, the world is enthralled with FIFA, UEFA, Premier League and much more. Even smaller international countries and local counties are taking the sport by storm and the results are dominating the industry.

The challenges faced and the obstacles overcome by the teams involved can be deemed inspirational. Kent Football Club specifically, according to their website, have over 45 000 players and run three representative teams as well as 25 County Cup competitions.

A Pillar of Strength for Local Communities

A footprint of diversity and a thrill to grow participation with those within the city are the two elements that are instilled in the culture of the club. Respect is the one aspect that is believed to be key in work and in play. The idea is to use this as a tool to ensure that all games played are safe and fun, creating an environment of trust.

Investing In Making Football Flourish

A stand out point is the Football Association Charitable Foundation. The purpose of its creation is to ensure that people are kept inspired and, in some way, the sport can help to improve their mental and physical well-being. There are plenty of grants available and the public can fill their applications online, through the website.

Paving The Way Toward Youth Development

In early May 2018, the Kent Football Club and Soccer School completed a full season and are now hoping to recruit new players. The iconic club is posing as a major player in the county with its hand tightly grasping onto achieving more with the kids in the community. Interested players are invited to attend the orientation toward the end of the month to try out for the team.