New technology is released more often than most can keep up with. Every aspect of life keeps improving as new discoveries are made. With continuous research in sports science, it’s no wonder that sport equipment has become so advanced. In the football field, carefully manufactured traction boots are hardly the beginning of what’s being used today.

Power Speed Parachute

In aid of enhancing speed and strength during training, a resistance parachute has been created for soccer players. This contraption is tied around the player’s waist and extends at the back, ending in a small scale parachute. The aim is to create resistance to improve the player’s endurance, acceleration and muscle ability while they train.

Oxygen Training Masks

A natural effect from strenuous training and running is heavy breathing and tired lungs. Performance or elevation training masks are modelled after oxygen masks and regulates air and altitude to enhance breathing.

A study done in 2016 by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine observed 24 well trained athletes over a 6 week training period. 12 of the athletes used performance masks and 12 went without the masks. The study contained both men and women between the ages of 20 and 22, all of a similar BMI. The final results showed that the group wearing the mask had significantly increased levels of oxygen capacity and improvements in relevant breathing properties.

Performance Tracking Wristbands

Performance tracking, digital wristbands and watches are another piece of training equipment that continue to advance with the rest of technology. These gadgets monitor heart rate, steps, speed, and many other vital properties that are looked at in football training.

Advanced equipment gives players and coaches the ability to track football performance and improve it. By focusing on each aspect of the body’s functions during training, researchers have helped and continue to help dedicated player’s enhance their physical capacity and become the best they can be.